Magmatic Rifting & Active Volcanism Conference (Addis Ababa January 2012)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 11th-13th January 2012

The 2010 Eyafjallajökull eruption demonstrated that active volcanism on magmatic rifts can have a considerable impact on society, even well beyond its immediate location. In the past decade, new findings from active magmatic rifts on the continents, rifted margins and mid-ocean ridges have shown the importance of magmatism in governing the style of continental rifting and seafloor spreading. The meeting is being held to mark the end of the 5-year Afar Rift Consortium project and will bring together people investigating the causes and impact of magmatic rifting and active volcanism in a variety of tectonic settings to share their latest findings. The meeting will be wide in scope, and we encourage contributions that encompass processes occurring from the deep mantle to the surface.

We hope to open registration in early August. Please keep checking this page for updates.

The conference will cover the following themes:

  • Active Magmatic Rifting
  • Mid-Ocean Ridge Processes
  • Rifted Continental Margins
  • Mantle-Lithosphere Interactions and the Causes of Breakup
  • The East African Rift
  • Natural Hazards
  • Rifting and Climate
  • Resources from Magmatic Rifts (Geothermal, Petroleum, etc.)

There will be a variety of field trips before and after the conference including:

  • Introduction to the East African Rift (3 days)
  • Afar, including the Erta Ale lava lake (9 days)
  • Transect through a continental margin, including historic sites of Axum, Gondar and Lalibela, (7 days)

International scientific committee:

  • Bekele Abebe, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia
  • Asfawossen Asrat, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia
  • Atalay Ayele, Institute of Geophysics, Space Science & Astronomy, Ethiopia
  • Roger Buck, Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, USA
  • Eric Calais, University of Purdue, USA
  • Joe Cann, University of Leeds, UK
  • Andy Cohen, University of Arizona, USA
  • Cecile Doubre, University of Strasbourg, France
  • Cynthia Ebinger, University of Rochester, USA
  • Shimeles Fisseha, Institute of Geophysics, Space Science & Astronomy, Ethiopia
  • Mohamed Jalludin, Centre d’Etude et de Recherche de Djibouti
  • Mike Kendall, University of Bristol, UK
  • Elias Lewi, Institute of Geophysics, Space Science & Astronomy, Ethiopia
  • Stuart Marsh, British Geological Survey, UK
  • Gianreto Manatschal, EOST, Strasbourg, France
  • Nicolas d’Oreye, National Museum of National History, Luxembourg
  • Raphael Pik, University of Nancy, France
  • Peter Purcell, P&R Geological Consultants Pty Ltd, Australia
  • David Pyle, University of Oxford, UK
  • Julie Rowland, University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • Freysteinn Sigmundsson, University of Iceland
  • Belete Tirfie, Ethiopian Mapping Authority, Ethiopia
  • Mohammed Umer, University of Addis Ababa
  • Jacques Varet, BRGM, France
  • Charlotte Vye, British Geological Survey, UK
  • Getnet Wassie, Geological Survey of Ethiopia
  • Girma Woldetinsae, Ministry of Mines and Energy, Ethiopia
  • Kathy Whaler, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Tim Wright, University of Leeds, UK (chair)
  • Gezahegn Yirgu, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia

We are awaiting confirmation from other committee members that will add strength in the area of geothermal and petroleum resources in magmatic rifts. For further information and to be added to the conference mailing list please fill in the form below or email:

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